The John Campbell Folk School* located in Brasstown, NC is well-known for the many folk arts and sciences that are taught there. People from all over the nation have visited the School to learn the dying crafts of basketweaving, blacksmithing, spinning and dyeing thread, millinery, and woodcarving (to name a few things!). The School offers opportunities to learn under the instruction of skilled crafts-people who are experts in their work and are eager to pass it on to others, young and old alike. You can visit the John C. Campbell Folk School website to read about what classes are available from the professionals themselves. There is sure to be something for everyone! If you are interested in visiting the beautiful mountains and turning your stay into an educational adventure learning about timeless folk arts, request a catalog of offered classes and products here.

The wonderful thing about studying at the School is that it is located a comfortable 15 minutes drive** from Peachtree Cove RV Park, and booking your stay with us is easy! Contact us for more information and to reserve your site, and don’t forget to check out other nearby attractions.

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