Park Policies

We reserve the right to refuse to accept further rent from any person who fails to comply with these rules and regulations and may request that their space be vacated immediately. There will be no refunds. This RV park is for vacations, not permanent living sites. Site rentals are limited to a maximum of three (3) months. No monthly rentals will be accepted for or during the months of July and October.

These policies are subject to change without notice.


A credit card deposit is required to hold your reservation. This is non-refundable unless cancellation is made prior to two weeks before arrival date. However, the deposit is deducted from your total rent when you arrive at our RV park.

Holiday weekends as well as July and October must be paid in full at the time of the reservation. No refunds will be given unless cancellation is made prior to two weeks before arrival date. 

If you are arriving late (after 5:00 P.M.), please call the park on the day you are to arrive and let us know.

Rent must be paid in advance. We accept cash, debit or credit cards, and checks, but we must have a credit card on file for the duration of your stay even if you choose to pay with cash or check. Contact the office for late departure.  NO REFUNDS will be made for early departures. NO RVs manufactured prior to 2005 unless approved by management.  All RV’s must be factory manufactured only.


All rates are based upon four (4) person occupancy. Up to four (4) persons may occupy each site overnight and one (1) vehicle per site. For trailers and 5th wheels, you must have a tow vehicle on site. Extra person charges may apply at the rate of $5.00 per day per person and $5.00 per day per vehicle. If you are expecting guests, please alert the park management. Management reserves the right to have any vehicle and/or guest that is not recognized removed from the park. The rental of a lot does not include the privilege of using the space for commercial purposes or subleasing. Check with management if additional parking is needed. Site reservations are not guaranteed as to actual location. However, we will make every attempt to accommodate your request. Do not change sites without checking with management.

Hoses must be disconnected from water and sewer hookups during freezing weather. You will be held responsible for any damage resulting from frozen water conditions.


Check in time is 1:00 P.M. Check out time is 12:00 P.M. If you would like to arrive earlier, give us a call and if no one is on the site you are assigned to, then we may allow you to arrive earlier than 1:00 P.M. Also, if you would like to stay later than 12:00 P.M. on the day you are leaving, check with office and if no one is coming to that site, we may allow you to stay later. 


No sleeping tents are allowed on a lot. You may place no more than one (1) tent/canopy on your lot. No sleeping in vehicles. No combustable material may be stored under your RV.

Clutter onsite will incur a charge to your account of $10 per day.  Your campsite should be neat and tidy. Your neighbors will appreciate it! No rugs or any other covers may be placed on grassy areas. No permanent connections, such as porches or steps, shall be placed on lot.

Do not wash dishes or utensils in the bathrooms. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building. No climbing on trees. Towels or bathing suits may be hung within your site area only. Laundry facilities are available.


Garbage should be in a tied plastic kitchen-size or larger trash bag and placed in one of the garbage cans near the office. Boxes and cartons should be broken down before being placed in the garbage cans. Your cooperation is appreciated. Please put pet waste in the designated waste cans provided in the pet walk area. Please do not place small bags of trash or pet waste in the large garbage cans.


Pet friendly except for any pet with aggressive behavior. All pets on park premises must be up to date on their rabies vaccination. Please have the vaccination record available with you, in case an emergency should occur. All pets must be on a leash at all times. (It does not matter how “well trained” your pet is.) No fencing may be used for confining pets outside your RV. No pet may be tied or left unattended outside of your unit at any time. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of it in the designated waste cans in the pet walk areas. Failure to comply with the pet policy may result in your pet privileges being canceled. No pets other than “service animals” are allowed in any part of the public building. Pets are not allowed under pavilion when park guests are eating. The park reserves the right to cancel or refuse the allowance of a pet that management deems to be aggressive or possesses aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, or if considered a nuisance (excessive barking). Pets must be kept inside your unit after 10:00 P.M.


Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


Park quiet hours have been firmly established from 10:00 P.M. – 8:00 A.M. During this time, any loud music or bothersome activity that creates excessive noise is strictly prohibited. 

Noise from your radio, television, stereo, pets, party, golf cart, and/or spirited discussion with your guests must not impose on other residents at any time. Management shall be the sole judge of acceptable noise levels.

The park has an 10:00 P.M. curfew for anyone less than 18 years of age. After 10:00 P.M., anyone under 18 years of age must return to their sites unless accompanied by their parent or guardian.


Open camp fires must be contained within a fire ring. Use fire rings at your own risk. You are responsible for any injury or property damage. Camp fires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before retiring. Firewood is available at the park office.


Peachtree Cove RV Park takes no responsibility for ensuring the safety of any participants of water activities in waterways including but not limited to wading, swimming, fishing, rafting, tubing and boating. All renters, guests, and invitees participate in these activities at their own risk. Creek and river can be fast flowing and often flood the banks during any rainy season. Any damage to personal property or personal injury arising out of the use of the waterways is not the responsibility of the park.  Use designated walkways and water accesses. Do not remove gravel from the walking trails or camp sites.


Moving vehicles must be driven on designated roadway only. All operators of motorized vehicles, including golf carts and electric scooters, must be legally licensed for the roadway and at least 16 years of age. Management reserves the right to request a copy of your liability insurance. Vehicles and golf carts must be parked on the gravel of your site or in another designated parking area.


Bikes and scooters can only be used during daylight hours. An adult must accompany any small children driving the small horsepower electric toy vehicles. The park takes no responsibility for monitoring and ensuring the safety of riders on these vehicles. It is the responsibility of the parents and/or guardian of minors to supervise and ensure the safety of these riders. No skateboards are allowed.


Peachtree Cove RV Park has a zero tolerance for the brandishing and/or discharging of any and all weapons or fireworks. Discharge of weapons will result in the contacting of local authorities and immediate eviction from the park without refund.


All facilities are used at your own risk. The equipment and facilities furnished are solely for the convenience of guests. Peachtree Cove and its staff will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, loss of property or damage to property caused by fire, trees, flood, theft, wind, or acts of God.

Revised January 2024. Subject to change without notice.